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Longleaf Lending, deeply rooted in Texas, is a premier Houston hard money lender catering to the diverse needs of real estate investors in Houston. We specialize in a variety of loan products, including fix and flip, new construction, long-term rental, and bridge loans, all designed to support your investments in Houston's dynamic property market.

Is Houston a good place to invest in real estate?

As a pivotal city on the Gulf Coast, Houston is not only the largest metro area in the United States by total area but also one of the most populous, with over 7 million residents. Encompassing Harris County and extending into Fort Bend and Montgomery counties, Houston's reach is expansive, covering 10 counties in total.

Houston, named after the influential General Sam Houston, is known as both the “Bayou City” for its extensive bayou system and “Space City” for its connection to the Johnson Space Center. It's an economic giant, with 21 Fortune 500 companies calling it home, making it fourth in the U.S. for corporate headquarters.

The city's economy is multifaceted, leading in sectors like oil and gas, biomedical research, manufacturing, and banking. The Port of Houston, one of the nation's largest, adds to its economic diversity. Notable companies headquartered here include ConocoPhillips, Sysco, and Hewlett Packard, underscoring its status as a business hub.

Best areas to invest in Houston

  • Spring: A rapidly developing suburb north of Houston, Spring is drawing significant attention with major companies like Hewlett Packard and ExxonMobil establishing a strong presence.
  • Clear Lake City: Home to NASA's Johnson Space Center and the University of Houston-Clear Lake campus, this area is a hotspot for investment, given its blend of educational and technological significance.
  • Inner Loop: With a high percentage of renter-occupied residential spaces, the Inner Loop remains a prime target for investors, offering robust rental demand in a vibrant urban setting..

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