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Flipping Houses in Houston, Texas: Case Study

A Longleaf Lending customer and experienced real estate investor made $110,000+ on a 4 month Houston-area single-family fix and flip.

The investor used a short-term residential hard money loan from Longleaf Lending to finance the acquisition and 100% of the rehab budget. We closed the property in less than a week.
Houston, TX

Houston, TX

Why was the flip was so successful?

  • He is an experienced investor, having flipped over 30+ homes in the last few years
  • The investor has a formula and a crew for houses in this price range – it allows him to complete comprehensive renovations in 2 months or less
    • This formula gives him an edge and results in very accurate budgeting
  • He benefited from Covid-related real estate market trends – more homeowners with work flexibility looking for more space in suburban/rural areas

Key stats from the project

Purchase price: $90,000
Rehab budget: $70,000
ARV: $240,000
Sales price: $305,000
Hold time: 110 days
Days on market: 22 days
Net profit: ~$110,000

Challenges with this project

  • This was a tough property to comp, for both the hard money lender and the investor – it was in a more rural part of Houston with fewer available comps
    • The investor used very conservative assumptions that would still result in a successful real estate investment and return
    • When finally sold, he flipped it for more than $50,000 above where he expected the market to be
  • The property was in rough shape – additional contingency was built into the budget in anticipation of hidden costs

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