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Why Choose Longleaf Lending for Your Raleigh North Carolina DSCR Loan Needs

Crafted with savvy Raleigh North Carolina investors in mind, our Long-Term DSCR Loans enable wealth building through a diverse portfolio of rental properties. By prioritizing your investment property's rental income and cash flow metrics, we simplify the loan process. As a top DSCR lender, enjoy competitive interest rates starting at 6.5%.

No Income Verification
Our no-income-verification process eliminates traditional barriers, focusing on your investment's cash flow to qualify you for a loan. This DSCR-centered approach ensures a hassle-free experience, catering specifically to real estate investors' unique needs.
Tailored to Investment Goals
Whether you're investing in short-term vacation rentals or long-term leases, our DSCR loans are crafted to align with your strategic investment plans. This versatility ensures that whatever your goals, our financing solutions fit perfectly.
Efficiency and Speed
At Longleaf Lending, we value your time. Our Raleigh North Carolina DSCR loan application and approval processes are optimized for efficiency, ensuring quick, smooth progress from your initial application to the final funding.
Adaptive Financing Solutions
Our financing options are as diverse as the properties you invest in. We're committed to offering flexible DSCR solutions that accommodate a wide range of property types and investor profiles.

Fast and simple

How Longleaf Lending's DSCR Loans Work

DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio) loans are a type of financing used by real estate investors that focus on the income generated by the property rather than the personal income of the borrower. Here’s a simplified explanation:

The DSCR is calculated by dividing the property's Net Operating Income (NOI) by its total annual debt payments. NOI reflects the positive cash flow from the property after operating expenses (mortgage payment, taxes, and insurance) are subtracted.
Criteria for approval.
For Raleigh North Carolina, we typically require a DSCR greater than 1.0, indicating the investment property generates sufficient cash flow to cover its debt obligations. A common threshold is a DSCR of 1.0 to 1.2 or higher, but it is possible to go lower.
No personal income verification.
The approval process emphasizes the property’s cash flow potential, not the borrower's personal financial situation, allowing for more accessible financing for investors.
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DSCR Loan Terms

Get the financing you need to build wealth with real estate in Raleigh North Carolina using our DSCR long-term 30-year investor loans.

Terms current as of April 25, 2024

Long Term Rental Loan
Loan Value:
Up to 80% (as is)
Interest Rate:
Starting at 6.5%
30 years
Closing Time:
As fast as 2 weeks
600 minimum

DSCR Loan Requirements Simplified

Understand DSCR Loan Raleigh North Carolina Requirements

Securing a DSCR Loan in Raleigh North Carolina involves a focused evaluation of your experience, liquidity, credit score, and investment property's income potential. Here's a summary of the current requirements you should know before applying for a DSCR Loan in Raleigh North Carolina:

DSCR Calculation:
Minimum of 0.65x
Credit Score:
600 minimum
Loan Amount:
$75,000 to $3 million
Investor Experience:
none required
US Citizenship:
not required
Some of the key required documents include personal ID, bank statements, entity documentation if using a company (operating agreement, EIN letter, articles of incorporation), lease agreement (if currently leased), appraisal (requrested by us), and the purchase HUD (if purchased in the last 12 months).
Short or long-term rentals, vacant or occupied
Property Type:
SFR, 2-4 units, multifamily 5+ units, mixed use, or commercial
DSCR Loan Raleigh North Carolina requirements

Designed for Raleigh North Carolina investors

Build wealth through real estate with our DSCR Loans in Raleigh North Carolina

Raleigh North Carolina's Real Estate Potential: Ideal for 30-Year Rental and Long-Term DSCR Loans

Raleigh North Carolina long term rental property loans

Seize the Real Estate Opportunities in Raleigh with DSCR Loans

Real estate investors, get ready to capitalize on the vibrant market of Raleigh, North Carolina, with the help of DSCR loans. Discover why DSCR loans are perfectly suited for the Raleigh real estate landscape and how they can propel your investment endeavors to new heights.

DSCR, or Debt Service Coverage Ratio, loans, are tailored financing options crafted for income-generating properties such as rental apartments, commercial buildings, and mixed-use developments. Unlike traditional mortgages that heavily weigh on borrower creditworthiness, DSCR loans prioritize the property's ability to generate income sufficient to cover debt obligations.

Here's why DSCR loans are the ideal solution for the Raleigh real estate market:

  1. Thriving Economy: Raleigh boasts a thriving economy fueled by a diverse range of industries, including technology, healthcare, education, and finance. As one corner of the Research Triangle Park, Raleigh attracts top talent and innovative companies, driving job growth and economic prosperity. DSCR loans seamlessly align with Raleigh's robust economic environment, providing investors with the financial flexibility needed to capitalize on its dynamic growth.
  2. Growing Rental Demand: Raleigh's population is booming, driven by factors such as job opportunities, renowned universities, and a desirable quality of life. This influx of residents has led to a surge in demand for rental properties, creating lucrative opportunities for real estate investors. DSCR loans empower investors to finance multifamily properties and tap into Raleigh's thriving rental market. With competitive terms and favorable interest rates, DSCR loans make it easier for investors to seize opportunities in Raleigh's bustling real estate scene.
  3. Customized Financing Solutions: DSCR loans offer tailored financing solutions designed to meet the unique needs of income-producing properties. Whether you're investing in residential complexes, retail spaces, or office buildings, DSCR loans provide the flexibility and scalability required to achieve your investment objectives. With extended loan terms and customizable repayment schedules, investors can optimize cash flow and maximize returns on their Raleigh real estate investments.
  4. Risk Mitigation: By focusing on the property's income-generating potential rather than solely relying on the borrower's credit history, DSCR loans help mitigate risk for lenders and investors alike. This risk-based approach provides a more accurate assessment of the property's investment value and enhances the overall risk-reward profile of Raleigh real estate investments.

Investing in Raleigh real estate offers strategic advantages beyond financial returns:

  • Educational Hub: Raleigh is home to several prestigious universities, including North Carolina State University, Duke University, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This concentration of educational institutions attracts students, faculty, and researchers, driving demand for rental properties and fostering a stable real estate market.
  • Quality of Life: Raleigh offers a high quality of life with a thriving cultural scene, excellent healthcare facilities, and abundant outdoor recreational opportunities. This desirable lifestyle factor enhances the attractiveness of Raleigh real estate investments, making them appealing to both tenants and investors alike.
  • Strategic Location: Situated in the heart of North Carolina, Raleigh enjoys a strategic location with easy access to major highways, airports, and neighboring cities. This central location provides investors with access to a diverse pool of tenants and investment opportunities.

DSCR loans offer real estate investors a powerful tool to unlock the full potential of Raleigh's dynamic market. With a thriving economy, growing rental demand, customized financing solutions, and strategic advantages, Raleigh stands as a prime destination for investors seeking lucrative opportunities in the real estate sector. 

Don't miss out on the chance to elevate your investment portfolio—explore DSCR loans and invest wisely in Raleigh real estate today.

Raleigh North Carolina DSCR Loan frequently asked questions

How is DSCR Calculated in Raleigh North Carolina?

How is DSCR calculated in Raleigh North Carolina?

In Raleigh North Carolina, the Debt Service Coverage Ration (DSCR) is calculated by dividing a property's rental income by it's expenses. In some cases another method could be used which involves dividing Net Operating Income (NOI) by the Debt Service.

Income: For simplicty purposes, you can think about the top line as the annual rental income for your investment property. In some cases a 90% factor might be applied.

Expenses: There are four main components of the expenses.

  • Principal and Interest
  • Taxes
  • Insurance
  • HOA fees

Here's an example so you can see exactly how DSCR is calculated. To keep things easy, we are assuming there is no principal payment, which you might expect with an interest only period. To learn more about how DSCR loans work, check out our detailed article.

How is DSCR calculated in Raleigh North Carolina?

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