Case Study: Texas City Fix and Flip

Case Study: Texas City Fix and Flip

November 02, 2023

With 2023 getting mixed forecasts from different real estate experts and sources, actual results for keen-eyed and fast-acting real estate investors continue to be highly favorable. 

One of Longleaf Lending’s clients recently purchased and rehabbed a 1,544-sq.ft. single-family, 3-bedroom property in Texas City, Texas. 

The rehabbed property stayed in the market for 22 days before getting sold for $240,000, giving a $46,000 gross profit. 

A short-term residential hard money loan from Longleaf Lending financed the acquisition and 100% of the rehab budget. 

With a reliable hard money lender like Longleaf, you can quickly grab deals as they come up, allowing you to beat your competitors with your offer. 

Here are some before and after photos of this fix and flip project.

Using a fix and flip hard money loan from Longleaf Lending, you can expect a quick and worry-free application process that enables you to outpace the competition and avoid missing out on any deals. 

At Longleaf Lending, we offer fast and efficient funding in as little as two days. When you submit a request, we can provide Proof of Funds letters that can strengthen your next offer. 

If you need financing for an upcoming real estate project or you want to keep your eye out and catch unique deals fast, submit a request today at Longleaf Lending using the button below. 

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