Bridge Your Financing Gaps with Longleaf's Bridge Loans

Bridge Your Financing Gaps with Longleaf's Bridge Loans

Quick, flexible solutions for your real estate financing needs.

Flexibility for any scenario

Why choose our Bridge Loans?

The strategic choice for saavvy investors.

Versatile funding.
Bridge Loans are a perfect match for a variety of scenarios - from acquiring fixer-uppers to managing the transition between selling and buying properties.
Quick access to funds.
In fast-moving real estate markets, the speed of bridge loans is a key advantage. They offer quick access to financing, providing a competitive edge in situations where timely funding is crucial.
Custom solutions.
Every real estate deal is unique, and our Bridge Loans reflect this. They're tailored to fit your specific needs, whether it's for short-term cash flow support or facilitating property improvements.
bridge loan

Bridge Loan Terms

Tailored terms for efficient real estate transactions.

bridge loan
Loan Value:
$75,000 - $750,000
Up to 70% ARV
Up to 95%
Interest Rate:
Starting at 12%
6-12 months
Closing Time:
As fast as 48 hours
100% financed
No minimum

Does not affect your credit score

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